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The self-promotion part
I - Jacinta - have been writing convention roleplaying games for the Australia gaming circuit since the late 80s.  At first it was three session Mechwarrior or three session Champions games.  Then it became one session systemless games with twists in the tail (Wow!  It turns out you are really all ghosts and have been doing this for over 50 years!  Wow! It turns out you have all just started the Paranoia universe, scary huh!).

Now, I play around with different stuff – with characters, settings and themes, player involvement and so on.

Oh, and I have a degree in Anthropology, so I tend to think in that way.

Stu's a sidekick. He said I could say that.

So why a blog?
Having done convention game writing for a bit, I've opinions.  The internet is the place to share them :)

More seriously, I don't see a lot of discussion going on about writing convention games.  I see a lot of stuff about writing systems, about GMing, about campaigns.  So I'd like to start one on con games.  I play around a bit in my games, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  I’d like to offer it up for discussion.

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