Saturday, 24 September 2011

…we’re back or what about that Kapcon?

Ok, I returned to work after maternity leave and everything that wasn’t work or baby fell over, including this blog.   I’ve slowly clawed my way back into the world and am up and staggering again.

I’ve worked a bit on the glossary - and added in all the terms people have come up with.   I think it only needs a bit of tiding up and we’re good to go.   What do you all think?

I have a few ideas on things I want to write about in the next little bit, on liminality (Anthropological idea I’ve wrote about elsewhere), and on pinning down what makes a con game different from a campaign game.   I also have a surprise.  A REAL surprise! With (not) tragic consequences. With REAL confetti! The good stuff. But that’s for later…

For now, I want to talk about

KapCon 21 - Achaean

For those who don’t know, it’s a con over in New Zealand.   In a previous post, it came up as a point of contrast to Australian cons and as a result, I’m interested in heading over to have a look see.

Being completely new to the con, I found it a bit tricky to review all the games in one go – I guess I’m used to a long list of games.   On the plus side, I found the tags useful - I found myself scanning the tags for the sort of games I like and only then reading the blurbs.

After review, I think I’m keen on:

If have gone in the past, I’m keen to hear any hints and tips.   If you’re not going, I’m interested in what you think of the blurb style they use.  If you're undecided, would you care to come with me?


  1. Nice to see you back!

    It's worth noting that Kapcon normally attracts the bulk of it's game blurbs toward the end of the year (for Kapcon 20 the listed unique games in each of the first and second rounds were around 15 - compared with roughly half that number listed at the present time for Kapcon 21). This has been a point of contention in the past - that sometimes great games are offered after you've already registered, penalising early registration - but suffice to say these early listings are a sampler to allow Kapcon can produce flyers.

    I suspect there'll be a more concerted number of games offered as we get closer to Kapcon registration opening (October/November).

  2. [Dons KapCon mail prole hat]

    Glad to see you're thinking of paying us a visit. As Dale has pointed out, the list of games is nowhere near complete; we're in the early stages of con setup, and the page will fill up in December and early January (probably after much running around with my hair on fire). We'll have a timetable online in December, but games will be added to it right up until the con as we try to juggle games with demand.

    (Speaking of which, do you want to run a game? If so, register on the website, then sign up here. The con runs on the efforts of volunteer GMs, most of whom offer only one or two sessions. Though if you've coming all the way from Oz, I can understand the desire to play)

    We're planning to open for registrations in October. We pre-register the first two rounds, and costumed larps on request. Because games are added constantly to the timetable over this period, there's the risk that something better will come along - but you can always sign up early then switch.

  3. Registration is open. Some of the round 1/2 games you have expressed interest in are already full , but some are being rerun (and putting them in your "games I want to play" field increases the odds for those that aren't yet). "Difficult Life" is in round 3, so you can't sign up for it yet, but since its a larp the GM will probably want to preregister it to allow them to cast and people to sort out costumes.

    (We've had 50 registrations in 2 days, so things are hectic here)

  4. Hi Vecna,

    Wow, sounds like you guys are going gang busters!

    I've been thinking about it and might try to head over there next time. My bub is more portable and I'll use the time inbetween to see if I can rustle up a few more people.I'm interested in the big LARP you run :)

    I'm happy to volenteer to run something, I'll speak with you guys more after this Kapcon is finished.

  5. Over 70 registrations now, so we're halfway there. But we'd love to see people from Oz along as well.

    BTW, if you're interested in big larp, I can recommend Chimera, which will happen in Auckland in August. Though given that its at a scout camp, its probably not small-child friendly. (Its sibling-con Hydra will be happening in Wellington in April, but doesn't have a website yet)


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